Excavating Fort Wayne

What’s the difference between a trench and an excavation? An excavation is a hole left in the ground as the result of removing material. A trench is an excavation in which the depth exceeds the width.

Trenching versus Excavating

Trenching versus Excavation

An unstable trench or excavation can collapse, killing or injuring workers by suffocation or crushing when a worker is buried by falling soil. Trench stability is affected by a number of factors such as:

  • soil type
  • weather
  • moisture
  • vibration
  • surcharge (excessive weight near the trench)
  • time
  • existing foundations
  • previous excavation

The risk of a cave-in is not the only hazard in trenching. Injuries and deaths are also related to six other major areas:

  • personal protective equipment
  • utilities underground and overhead
  • materials handling and housekeeping
  • heavy equipment
  • traffic control
  • confined spaces

Before excavating, the gas, electrical and other services in the area must be accurately located and marked. If the service poses a hazard, it must be shut off and disconnected. Over half of all powerline contacts involve buried cable.